Attack Strategies

Max TH11 Bowler 3-Star Strategy – Why You Must Upgrade Walls!

29 Mar 2017

Hey guys, In our last war we managed to 3 star the enemy number 1 base who in terms of defensive buildings was pretty much entirely maxed out. I.e. Maxed Heroes, the new maxed X-bows, Mortars and Teslas etc. (Although weirdly no Bomb Towers…) Max Town Hall 11 Bowler 3 Star Strategy …However, there was [...]

GoHo Attack Strategy Guide For TH9

28 Mar 2017

GoHo at Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans used to be the go-to (see what I did there) war strategy. Because of Clash of Clans updates, GoHo has slipped up a bit in use due to the rise of LavaLoonion, but it still remains a viable attack strategy for TH9s to three star with. [...]

Clash of Clans How to Farm with Barch

28 Mar 2017

How to farm and how to get loot in Clash of Clans is one of the most important strategies for the game, and you need to know how to barch for loot including gold, elixir, and dark elixir to get some serious resources. Today, I’ll be walking you guys through all the of the ways [...]

Complete Queen Walk Guide For TH9,TH10 And TH11

28 Mar 2017

Queen walk is one of the most important war skills, starting at Town Hall 9 and going up to Town Hall 11. While this guide could be for any TH, it is mostly centered on TH11! I’ll explain how to do the perfect queen walk to incorporate into your war attack, whether it be GoBo [...]

Farming With Baby Dragons (BabyLoon)

28 Mar 2017

Farming with Baby Dragons & Balloons (BabyLoon) is a fresh, new farming technique, compared to others like Goblin Knife, and it’s really effective. You can use it in higher Leagues to get the league Bonus and farm tons of Dark Elixir, even with upgrading Heroes. This is the farming technique I recommend for everyone in [...]

GoWiVa Attack Strategy Guide For Beginners

28 Mar 2017

GoWiVa has emerged as an extremely popular and effective three star strategy for Town Hall 9s in clan wars over the past year. This Clash of Clans strategy features golems, wizards, and valkyries doing the main damage as they rip apart fellow TH9s for the three star. Today, I am going to teach you TH9s [...]